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Early WWII 74-N-300

Early WWII 74-N-300 "M1940" Dog Tag Chain

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Brand new reproduction "M1940" dog tag chain. These are exclusive to us and not available elsewhere. How do I know that? Because we make every single one by hand. 

Prior to the adoption of the beaded chain being in 1943, this was the most common type of chain seen worn by troops. Variations in materials existed given wartime restrictions and these were made in monel, stainless steel and sterling silver. 

Ours are made with high quality stainless steel chain and premium locking hooks and individually assembled in our workshop. Unlike other inferior reproductions, not only does the tag itself hold the j hooks closed, but the hooks actually snap closed into place resulting in a super secure closure for your tags. 

 Help! My tags won't go on! 

It seems as though some reproduction tags have the hole positioned marginally further away from the edge of the tag than on others. I've tried several tags from different suppliers and some go on no problem whilst it's impossible to fit others. To remedy this, you'll simply need to elongate the hole towards the edge. It only takes a minute and afterwards they should go on no problem.