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Rigger Pouch, Tan, Para Cord

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There are reproductions of the small ammo pouch made by the airborne riggers and based on the USAAF design. These were widely used by the airborne, as it allowed for increased ammo carrying capacity on their webbing.
This is the variation used by the 505th, and uses parachute cord instead of Lift-The-Dots to secure it closed. I've heard various reasons as to why this was done. Some have suggested that it was done to make the pouches more secure when jumping, others say it was because the 505th ran out of snaps when they were making these. Whatever the case, pictorial evidence shows these as pretty much being exclusive to the Normandy campaign.
You can now choose the colour of cord you'd like to be on the pouch. Please note, the cord in the image is not the genuine USGI 550 Parachute cord we are using. 
Ours can hold 5 M1 carbine magazines, or 5 M1 rifle en bloc clips