USMC M1967 Field

USMC M1967 Field "Butt" Pack

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Here we have a very scarce example of the M1967 butt pack. Originally designed to replace the M1956 web gear which proved unsuitable for the tropical climate of South East Asia, the M1967 equipment saw increasingly widespread usage towards the latter part of the Vietnam conflict. Whilst most equivalent  components of it's predecessor were manufactured in substantial quantities, the Field Training Pack was not. Indeed, the USMC were the only adopters of it, and it was made in extremely limited quantities. Today, surviving examples are exceptionally hard to come by and most collections of M67 web gear are missing this item due to it's rarity. This example is not mint, but has held up over 50 plus years very well indeed. It retains most of its original colour and the markings can just be made out in the right light. All straps are intact and the inner waterproof liner is in excellent condition. The hardware does show some signs of age, but could easily be cleaned up with some care. 

Straight out of our reference collection, this is a fantastic opportunity to own a very difficult to find item of US web gear history.