WWI US Army Mess Kit

WWI Mess Kit

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We've stumbled across a supply of original WWI mess kits. Most of these are in outstanding condition given the fact that they're at least 100 years old. Some have dates, some don't and on some they're unreadable. These are a mix of the original M1910 shallow pan design and the later deeper M1917/M1918 variant, but we can't offer a choice as we'll simply grab the next one in the box.

We have cleaned these and they should be good to display. These are sold as collectables only due to their age, and we make no promises about their safety or suitability for use. 

These are the bottom dishes ONLY, but we do have a limited number of later WWII CRS split pan lids available if you wish to make these into a complete set or use them for WWII reenactment. Contact us for more details.