WWII M1910 Shovel Cover

M1910 Shovel Cover, WWII

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WWII M1910 Shovel Cover

Disappointed at all the other copies on the market and shocked by the increasing scarcity of originals, we set out to create the best M1910 shovel covers we could.

Unlike other reproductions which use lightweight materials and cheap Chinese made parts, these feature correct heavy canvas, original hardware and NOS 5/8" and 2" webbing. We even had the stamps custom made in several different styles to represent the variety of those used throughout the war, and they're correctly printed with waterproof ink and NOT heat cured. Originals weren't heat cured, so ours aren't either. This means they'll fade like the real ones. Stamped GIS 1942. 

The colour of these is excellent; a perfect mid OD#3. Next to originals, these are nearly impossible to tell apart. With dirt and use, they become really impossible to tell apart. They fit both original and reproduction shovels. Best copies available, period.