M1926 Cutlery

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Original M1926 WWII cutlery, as issued to each GI. These are all in stainless steel and in brilliant shape. This design replaced the earlier M1910 variety which saw extensive use during WWI. It was decided that to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of mess equipment, this new design should have holes in the handles of the utensils to allow them to be hung onto the handles of the mess kit. The idea was that this would all then be dunked into large garbage cans of boiling water to sterilise them.

Being stainless steel, these have held up really well and should last for years to come. Our forks are also the correct "long tined" variety and the knives have the cast aluminium handles found on wartime produced versions.

Most of the knives are NOS, with a few having wartime dates on the handles. All spoons and forks are undated. 

Choose from either the complete set, or just the items you need.