M1938 Leggings, 3R, Unissued

M1938 Leggings, 3R, Unissued

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Original WWII manufactured OD3 leggings in size 3R. These are New Old Stock from over 75 years ago. Commonly seen on infantrymen and GIs of all branches in all theatres, these canvas leggings are part of the quintessential look associated with WWII American soldiers.

These are all unissued, but due to over 7 decades of storage, some pairs do show smalls signs of corrosion on some of the metal work. Nevertheless, the vast majority are in excellent to outstanding condition. As usual, I will simply grab the next pair in the pile to send out. Unsurprisingly, markings and colours vary.

Leggings were sized based upon the circumference of the wearer's calf, aka, the top of the legging. 
Being 3R, these are all 17 Inches, the size most reenactors need unless you have chicken legs or are super sized. 

If you would like a really, really clean set for Honor Guard impressions or your collection, you'll need to select the hand picked option - otherwise you take your chances that there may be some small marks or storage stains on them. All include laces. 

Please note: Whilst these are unissued, they are all over 70 years old. Fabrics and material degrade over time. I make NO promises that should you choose to wear these, you won't break a lace or rip an eyelet out the first time you put them on. As such, these are non returnable.