M1943 Entrenching Tools

M1943 Entrenching Tools

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Original M43 entrenching tools. Copied from the German Klapspatten, this model offered massive improvements over the outdated M1910 T handle model it was intended to replace. Meant to combine the features of both the earlier pick and shovel, it saw widespread use in all theatres and by the end of the war was the most commonly used entrenching tool sen in original pictures. 

These are all original 75 plus years old shovels. They have been in storage for some time and were used post war by at least one European army. All that I have inspected are dated 1944 or 1945. There are no 1943 dated ones in the pile ( I checked). Most have several layers of paint and all have seen use, some (perhaps 25%) have postwar stamps from the Danish army. All have been hand inspected and are fully functional and work just fine. A new coat of your preferred colour of OD and you're good to go.

We have a limited number with covers as well, however all the covers are very heavily used and most are fairly extensively repaired. That being said, they still work and if you're going for the war weary GI look, they work perfectly. All are type II variants with the moveable hook. 

No hand picking available. We simply grab the next one from the crate and send it out. Postage cost reflects size and weight.