M1951 Jacket Liners

M1951 Jacket Liners

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Hard to find liners for the classic Korean War era M1951 jacket. These simply button in, and add a great deal of warmth to the jacket. They'll also fit in the M1951 parka, but are obviously slightly shorter than the one designed for it (we do have a limited supply of those too - message us). 

Condition is good, but they are used. Most are missing the original factory stamps due to washing. Some have small repairs on them, or sizes marked on with permanent marker. No major stains, rips or repairs. Colour varies on the shell, from either olive to grey green. 

Could do with a wash as they've been in storage for years, but they are sound. And warm! Did we mention that already? 

We have sized all these and tried them in original jackets to double check. No, these won't work in the M65 unless you want to resew all the jacket's internal attachment buttons.