Original M1 Helmet Chinstraps

Original M1 Helmet Chinstraps

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These were a brilliant find. Original, NOS, WWII manufactured tan M1 helmet chinstraps. These are super difficult to track down but we've been fortunate enough to get out hands on a few sets.

They came to us fitted with the late war quick release T1 hardware, but by a stoke of luck we had some original J hooks on hand and have been able to fit them back to their mid war configuration. If we didn't tell, you probably wouldn't have realised! We'll include the T1 hardware we removed with each set sent out, so if you'd like to convert it back or use the fittings on another set of straps you can.

These have the midwar flat stamped brass buckles and are ideal for putting on a helmet for display. They are correct for both fixed bail and swivel bail helmet shells.

When these were originally fitted to helmets they were bartacked to the bails using a specific sewing machine dedicated to that task. We don't currently offer this service, but with some patience and a needle and thread, you can achieve a great look by hand. Alternatively, some domestic sewing machines can be used to do the task using a zigzag or buttonhole fixing.