WWII M1 Helmet Liner, CHAPLAIN marked

WWII M1 Helmet Liner, CHAPLAIN marked

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Unique and very hard to find chaplain marked M1 helmet liner.

I've had this in my personal collection for around 12 years and decided to finally move it on.

I bought it sprayed metallic blue and carefully removed that to reveal the great markings you can see in the pictures. You can see that some traces of the colour remain on the crown.

The liner itself is strong with no damage or repairs. The webbing is in good shape, though the nape strap does show its age and looks somewhat delicate. This is a wartime liner made by Firestone on one of the moulds they obtained when Inland switched their focus to making M1 carbines. As a result, you can see traces of the original Inland stamp underneath the Firestone "F".

Triple weave HBT suspension is held in place by blackened brass A washers.

It's very, very rare to find a WWII helmet liner with chaplain markings and this would be a fantastic addition to a WWII helmet or chaplain collection.